My Life Last Weekend, 6.9-10.18 #ulog

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On Saturday I was pretty excited about making these low carb raviolis over at my friends house.

When I started making them, I got kind of suspicious of the recipe and little upset that it might not work. However, once I got them cooking in a pot of boiling water, I was pleasantly surprised!


I had the cooked raviolis with a spicy italian sausage and covered both with some Alfredo sauce. Also had a good amount of Caesar salad along with it, which is always a favorite of mine!


The amount of ricotta filling for the raviolis that the recipe called for was far too much, so I used the excess to make a quick low carb cheese lasagna.

We used deli sliced pastrami because that was on hand and I just layered that with the ricotta and some shredded mozzarella cheese. It was good!


It also happened to be someone’s birthday birthday, and my friends wife had made this low carb chocolate cake ahead of time. It was sitting out for quite some time and the top got a little dry so I decided to soak it in a little vodka mixed with orange and vanilla flavoring. I also whipped up some cream with a little more orange flavoring to spread across the top and finished it with a few raspberries dotted across the top.

The cake was delicious and very chocolatey, but it was sooooo rich I could only eat one piece and almost couldn’t finish it 😂


Sunday I went to go see my mom in the hospital. She had surgery on Friday to remove a mass from her lung and spent all day Saturday in the icu. Sunday she was back in a regular room so I went to see how she was doing.

She was heavily sedated with some hard drugs (fentanyl epidural), but was conscious and we spoke a little. It was good to see her after surgery and how well she looked despite how hard surgery and being in the hospital can be.

Hopefully she can go home soon and the results on the mass should be available sometime midweek.


After that I came back home and had a big meal of steak, scrambled eggs, and broccoli slaw.

I was also cooking a corned beef to be ready to eat for later in the week, and got the laundry done afterwards.

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