My Life Last Weekend, 5.25-5.28.18 #ulog

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It was a long holiday weekend, and I was kind of busy so I wasn’t really able to post.

Despite it being a holiday weekend, I still had to work... This cool old photo of an old dairy hangs in my grandmas bathroom. I was working out at her house and my parents house as well.


This old bell is at my parents house. The palos verde tree that grows next to it is in full bloom and they looked really interesting the way they were intermingling.


That night, I ate a torta ahogada for the first time.

It was very messy so I had to eat it with a spoon, but it was good, and very spicy!


The next day was Saturday, and even though I had to work a little bit, I got to visit sweet Lola, the best dog ever!


After work I went to stop at the car wash to kick off the weekend and spied this creepy Mickey Mouse in the window 😆


It was a short drive after that and I was up in the mountains to join some friends for a campout for the rest of the weekend.


The first night I was there we had cheeseburgers. Simple but delicious cooked over the campfire!

Usually I like to have pickles and lettuce with mayonnaise along with it, but it was just a bun and mustard. Simple!


Since we were up in the mountains, it was quite cold, a lot more than I was expecting.

The night before had been especially cold as everyone told me how there had been a cloud in the campground so everything was cold AND damp. Not a good combo!


The next day we took a drive down the mountain through a valley to another mountainous area nearby to take a hike.


The hike started along this nice quiet stream.

It was nice to be near some naturally flowing water.


Along the way, there was some nice surroundings like this giant dandelion...


And this pretty purple thistle.


Near the trail was this little village that had this tiny chapel. I thought it was a cool little building that complimented its surroundings.


Back at camp, it was time to eat again.

I made some foil packets with sliced potato, onion, spices and butter. After sitting on the grill over the campfire for about an hour, some cheese was added and left to melt.

While those were cooking, some cheddar wurst sausages were cooked on sticks in the fire, then added to the skillet with some chopped onions and beer.

I let that simmer covered with foil until most of the beer had boiled away.

We put the sausage in some hotdog buns that had been toasted over the fire with some mustard and the onions from the skillet. It was sooooo good!!!!

Until next time...

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Reading this while I am hungry be like....>..< I've never heard of those foods, but I guess the cheeseburgers were the best one?


The cheeseburgers were good, but the sausages cooked in beer were the best!


Oww the most exotic food so far lol


Thats funny that you think of it as exotic, it's pretty ordinary, lol

WOW! Beautiful photos! The dog is very cute! It's great that you and your friend had a camp in the mountains. It would be really nice atmosphere over there. The flowers are beautiful and the foods look tasty. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)


Glad you like the pictures! Hopefully I can go camping again sometimes, but with work and stuff it’s hard to schedule.

Thanks for reading and commenting!


You're welcome! Look forward to your next camping very soon..... ;)