The Way of The Squirrel: Master of Zen

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Zen is the ability to communicate new life awareness. Western culture is primarily leaning toward the concept of Being; Eastern culture, however leans toward non-Being. Being can be studied by objective logic, science and by gathering data from the organs of sense perception. Non-Being must be existentially understood; it is the principle of absolute negation that enables one to loosen bonds and turn toward limitlessness. This is the concept of the Atma. The limitless self.

This meditation will leave you feeling calm and peaceful, full of love and tranquility all day long.

Picture of the squirrel that meditated with me for 15 minutes in one place

Today I will show you how to meditate using a squirrel. :)

A performed this meditation in a garden where there are a lot of squirrels. I thought to experiment with the things that I know about the depths of existence and reality. I wanted to see if I could exist as one with the Universe and experience it all through animal life energy around me.


You might be wondering, how does one use a squirrel to meditate. First, you have to find a place. Or some squirrels. They're everywhere.

Step 1

Refer to my article on How To Meditate - Soul Revealing Meditation Technique.

Step 2

Find a spot with squirrels. Put on some music. I enjoy listening to the voice of the soul. My own music that I create now and use for meditation

Step 3

Meditate and get lost within yourself. Lose control. Feel the breeze in your hair. Feeling it snaking through the hairs, showering your soul with the soft kisses of an Angelic lover. Feel the Earth under yourself. Taking in every odor, every smell, every scent and let the fragrances of mother Earth uplift your spirit .Take in every sound, every peep, every birdsong, the rustling of leaves, the sound of the breeze caressing the grass, the sound of the breath of Gaia, take it all in and let the sensations in your own body overwhelm you.

Go deeply inside your mind and disconnect from everything that you know. Fuse into your surroundings.

Step 4

While in a deep meditative trance state and while fused into your surroundings, know that you are the squirrel. That which you wish to meditate with exists within you. The image of the squirrel, the idea of its existence, it's physical shape and form, it's look and aesthetic is within you. You are not separate from that which you exist among.

Knowing this, call to the squirrel within your mind. In essence, you are calling yourself. Feel the love that you are, exuding from you. Be one with the plants, animals and the nature around you. You are nature. You are not separate from that which you observe.

Step 5

Open your eyes. You will see a squirrel right in front of you. Meditating with you. Standing there, peacefully. Watching you. The squirrel also knows and realizes in this moment that it is existence and you are existence, therefore you are the squirrel and the squirrel is you. The energy of two living breathing creatures will connect and you will transcend beyond yourself.

The reason why the squirrel is calm, unafraid and peaceful around you is because it has nothing to fear from you. You are the squirrel. So if the squirrel is you, it won't harm itself. It also knows that you will not harm it. This is the pure animal energy of nature that you can channel within yourself and connect to a higher form of being; a form of being that transcends flesh and matter, thought and reality.

Connection to Nature is Pure Bliss

You are now connected with everything around you. Look at the blade of grass. It is an entire Universe. Not separate from yourself. You are all that is, all that was, and all that could ever be.

And this is how you meditate using a squirrel. Fun, huh?

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I have a squirrel that climbs up onto my window ledge every day to get the food I leave for her there. Sometimes I see her when I'm outside too, so I'll give this a try and see what she does. Awesome post.


Dude, that's awesome! Squirrels are pretty darn powerful. Try it out and let me know. It won't work the first time around for most people because well, it's their first time. It comes through from understanding and when one understands, the energy is released naturally.

I'm running a table for information at a psychedelic event on Saturday so we might have to get together earlier in the day. If not, another time. I'll text you and we'll discuss it.

No Squirrels here in Australia, What about a possum? Great post, loved it.


Hey there from down under! :) I am not sure about a possum! I can't say! I would say that the energy is the same for all beings.

made me smile Dr. Zaius!


Haha, I'm happy that I could! Thank you so much for commenting.

I truly enjoyed this, it made me feel real good. Also, it tripped me out a bit because I wrote a poem with synchronicity being a theme in it this morning. I also tend to watch the squirrels outside usually when I'm eating and follow their adventures and pretend to see from their point of vision in my minds eye. I was of course doing that today and thought to myself how it would be cool to just do this in meditation and adventure as chipmunk, squirrel, bird, or whatever. Then I read this now. Thanks for that. I am the walrus , shut up Donny ... That's is all~bless


Thank you. I am glad. Did you post your poem on #steemit ? I'd like to read it. I also like to watch the squirrels. At times they also remind me of The Sword in the Stone :)

This is cosmic. Our connection was meant to be! :)

Followed you, brother. Would love to have awesome conversations.


Followed you too man, thanks! Yes I just posted it at #steemit, and many other one's it's called "Ancient Ways"~give thanks squirrellmaster


I was unable to find it. Could you link it for me and I'll check it out? Thanks.


Dude, that's a beautiful poem! Wow. You write very soulful poetry. Followed! :)

Thanks for the insight. i was having a discussion earlier with my friend about the fallacy involved in thinking about issues having two sides. He was saying that there are no sides-- it's all the same side. But he also said he couldn't share with me that, that I had to discover for myself. I am appreciating the help to transcend...


I think that they call this non-duality. It's a very deep yet simple concept, but at the same time very difficult to grasp. Your friend was absolutely right. Your intellect cannot even touch this. Only your existential core can through direct experience.

I need to find me a zen-master squirrel, maybe it'd help with the nightmares


Oh? What kind of nightmares? I also provide meditation healing and mindfulness therapy services so if you're interested, you can talk to me about your nightmares and etc. and we can take it from there. No harm in just talking to see how you feel about it.

I've helped many people and last week a client flew in from Houston to seek shamanic healing. I've been doing this for many years. Let me know if you're interested.

@rebelmeow can vouch for me as she knows me in real life. I'll soon make an #intorducemyself and verification post.

They wouldn't let me reply because it ran too deep on that comment haha... Followed you back to brother that's an awesome photo you have with the wise monkey, this is what I wrote...Thanks brother! I've done one everyday so far since I've started so feel free to check out some of my past ones and looking forward to sharing future ones with you! Also stoked to read more of yours :) you inspired me to write a piece on synchronicity I've been thinking about for awhile. Just started compiling some thoughts for it ^~^


Thank you! :) Yeah, soon as I get more time I'll check out your blog. I've been looking into synchronicity myself. I'm glad I could be of some inspiration to you! :)