One day this will feel like home

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After losing our home in a fire little over a month ago and finding a new place to live has been a rocky road.

Even though we have a new place, I still feel like I just want to go home...

It's hard getting back what we lost, *but as I said in my previous post: *We are rising from the ashes."

Every day it starts to feel a little more familiar, not just finding a place for what we could salvage, but finding our feet in our place.

One day this will feel like home, our home 🏡

This coming Saturday my eldest son can finally return, his place with us has felt empty for far too long and we miss him more and more each day, and in that day, my first little baby boy will turn 7 years old 🎉

A big thanks for all the supportive comments in my previous posts. With the up and down I didn't have time to reply, but I read every comment and it meant to much and helped me keep staying strong and moving forward, pushing through.

I am looking forward to to the day I can be more active on Steemit again as I miss conversing with everyone.

With Love

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I am happy things seem to be improving. :)

Thank you, we are too..still a way to go but we learnt to focus on the quality of life :)

As long as you have your family all will be okay! Just imagine that you moved by choice and that you are now starting a new life in a new place.
Family is not just a is is just worldly goods.

Definitely! Thank you so much for the reply and support :)
It means a lot. There are still times when it hits me, but having my family together and safe and happy means a lot...creating new memories :)