📷My House Burned Down Yesterday.....

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Yes you read that right...sigh...

*(Pictures Below) *

So I have been MIA the past few months duebto connectivity issues.
Currently, I am at my sister-in-law's house with my kids.
Words cannot express my gratitude for what they have done to help us get clothes and all the other necessities for me and my two boys.

So What Happened...?

The one moment my 6 year old is dancing to loud music in my room, and my 13 month old is moaning because he is tired. I finish up with the dishes, turn down the music. Tell my eldest to go and watch a movie or play in his room on the other side of the not-so-big house while I lay on the bed to get his baby brother to take his afternoon nap.

Less than 30 minutes I got the little one to sleep, next moment I hear a panicked 6 year old voice saying "STOP! STOP!" and with that came the smell of smoke....

My heart jumped into my throat and stopped in that moment.

The moment I saw the entrance of my son's room and the grey smoke seeping out my heart started to race...a thousend thoughts sprinted through my mind, but the one that came through the loudest is where is my son and what if he is on the other side of the flames....

Inside the room I find my son just standing there in shocked on the other side of the bed where the flames are rising as the bed get swallowed up.

I grab my son's hand and pull him out of the house, see if I can do anything but the flames already started burning the carpet and the thick smoke is starting to fill the house, I run to get my baby and myself out.

I could not go back and leave my kids alone outside...

Screaming for help from neighbors, waving to passing traffic but no one heard or saw me. I did not have the remote to the gate and it was blocking people's view to see me.

Crying, praying hysterical * "God Please help" * the gate opened!! Stunned for a split second I ran out baby in arms, eldest by the hand, people started to respond and call for help.

The community came and offered their help, I cannot remember all the names, but again, I don't how to express my gratitude except to say *** THANK YOU *** for everyone's help and support in this tragedy that was engulfing everything we had.

But what is most important is that no one got hurt. Earthly possessions can be replaced, but not the lives of my children.


Time to Start Over and Rebuild...

Still figuring out ehat our next step is, everything still feels so surreal. You always think, * It won't happen to me" *

I am grateful my family is ok, but you still feel the loss.
And I miss my hubby. He stayed behind because he needs to work and work through the rubble to see if there is anything salvageable.

Sigh...feeling tired.
Stay Safe Guys 💮

With Love

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OH MY GOODNESS! Thank goodness no one was hurt but it is still such a terrible thing that happened. Some things will never be replaced. Memories will be all you have and there is nothing that can replace that. I feel so sorry for you. Good luck with the rebuilding...I don't know how I would survive that. Did you at least have insurance?

Thank you :)
Unfortunately, we don't have any insurance, so gotta do it the hard way.

This is so terrible, so glad your children were fine but it must be very hard for you. It does look terrible. So sorry for you.

The pictures doesn't do it justice. After the fire brigade left and it was safe to go back, the empty, sinking feeling you get is indescribable. Everything you worked and fought so hard for, gone. But then you turn around and see your family and while you feel that loss, you still feel whole

Wow, I got chills reading through this. Sincerely praying for you and your family. <3 <3 I am so sorry this happened...terrifying. But I am glad everyone is safe.

Thank you :)
I am also relieved at the thought that my family is ok. Especially my eldest as he just stood there in shock while his whole bed was on fire. I believe a higher power protected him and all of us.

Where it's been totally surprised how much damage did you have on the fire, please let me know