Mantras for a Healthy Living

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Now a days,everyone is busy with their lifestyle and forget to take care of their lives. People are always in a rush,which leads them to no where. They always want to live a healthy life but fail. Well, my brother was also a part of that rush,but now he has changed himself. So how he did it? Let's take a look. The following points described below is what he did to change his lifestyle. Don't panic it's not that tough as it looks,trust me.


1 Quit Alcohol - Your liver thanks you after almost 10 years of abuse. Alcohol consumption is a best way to get rid of the day's tension and stress, is what people think, but it isn't, infact it makes it more worst. You won't realise it sooner until it's too late

2 Quit Smoking - Your lungs thank you and the capacity of your brain expands. Smoking is the best remedy for minor stress and anxieties, well it might be true,but also don't forget how much of nicotine and tar is accumulated in your lungs.

3 Exercise - I joined gym but its not mandatory. Any form of exercise that suits you. Makes you energized for the day and fit. Exercise is what we lack in today's world. We are always in need of a comfort, so get out of your comfort zone and exercise. Your body will ache for some days,but after a weel you will love what you started, trust me.

4 Healthy Eating - This sounds like a joke but it is not. Try adding more fibers and protein in diet and you will see miracles in a week. No, you do not have to quit non-veg ;). Just eat healthy and less sugar and less junk. Say no to junk foods at all. The healthier the diet the healthier your lifestyle will be.

5 Proper Sleep (7 to 8 hours deep)- The above four will automatically take care of the 5th but then don’t fight the urge to sleep. Every machine needs some rest for proper functioning, and our body is the best machine, so give it a proper and sound sleep.

6 Start Reading - I read 2 books of Dan Brown in last 2 months and currently reading a book by Gay Hendricks. I can’t explain what I have been missing in life. Do get close with men's best friend,the books. They will be there with and for you always

7 Meditation - This would never been started if I had not taken up healthy lifestyle by Point 1,2 and 3. My life has mainly changed because of this. I have become compassionate, aware and I stand up for myself more than ever. Meditating is the best way to be calm and gentle,so that you can tackle any life problems like a pro.

8 Start Writing - Anywhere. I started a Offline Journal as well as online at Penzu so that I have flexibility. The best way to express yourself, the only reason I started was for this reason.

9 Forgive : I called up a friend whom I had not spoken for 9 years and said I am sorry although was never my fault. Only fault was I did not communicate my feelings to him 9 years before. Speak with your old pals, meet up with them,and rejoice your golden memories.

10 Call Parents Regularly : This is very important. My mom says she eats an extra ounce of rice when children call. So I make it a point to call and regularly even if I have nothing to talk. If you don't stay with parents because of your studies or jobs or anything, just call them every day,they really miss you more than you think.

Bonus 1: Quit Social Media(Facebook , its a never ending scroll) There is a life outside of the Facebook too,and you must be there more often than you login to facebook. It's definitely hard to quit Facebook right,but with strong will power,you can actually quit it.

*Bonus 2 *: Wake up early : This was possible because of healthy lifestyle.You will have so much time for yourself. Like the saying goes, Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.

This was exactly what he did and trust me he is a complete changed man. And I am also following this pattern,I am a beginner now but,I have a different perspective of life now. I am learning how to rejoice every passing moments
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