Determination will win the day!

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☕My name is Sweeney, and I'm addicted to coffee...☕

It's been roughly nine months since the last time I talked about my addiction, and I want to share a little insight into the lengths a heavy coffee drinker will go to when something tries to get in the way of that fix...

A couple days ago, my coffee pot stopped working.... At first I thought it might be the electric outlet it was plugged into. Maybe the breaker popped, so I plugged it into a socket I knew was working. Still nothing.

Oh shit....

Anyone who drinks coffee half as much as I do could tell you...



The only thing the coffee pot really does is heat water, pour it over the grounds, and keep it hot once it's in the carafe. How did people ever make coffee without them?

So I did what any ingenious coffee addict would do...


I put coffee in the filter, but instead of pouring water into the top, I put it in a pot to boil on the stove.

I then ladled said boiling water over the grounds, just like the pot would do if it worked...


The coffee pot won't keep it hot, because it won't turn on, but my microwave works, so that's not a big deal, either.

Sometimes, when you really want something, you've got to work a bit harder for it than you thought you would.

Determination will win the day, and if you want it bad enough, you'll


I'll have a new coffee pot in just a couple days when I get my next paycheck, but until then, I'll do what I gotta do to have my delicious bean brew...

Thanks for reading! Do you have a story of a time you had to work harder than expected for something you really wanted? Let me know in the comments!

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Get yourself a coffee press for times like these.
Put coffee in and boiling water, put the press in and push down. Inexpensive and convenient when life throws rocks at you.
My great grandma would put egg shells in with her coffee grounds to cut some of the bitterness.

I lived off grid for 5 years, I can teach you about 50 ways to make coffee without machines or power. :)

That's awesome! I never thought I'd have to work so hard just to avoid going to shitbucks for a single cup :D

I completely understand where you're coming from, I too can not go a day without my coffee. One of my favorite ways to make coffee is in a percolator over a camp fire. It is some of the tastiest coffee I've ever had.

Campfire coffee is delicious!

If I go a day without coffee, I get these killer migraine headaches - so I don't go without coffee.

My dad has this old coffee maker on his boat that works similar to what you rigged up, it just filtered boiling water into a Thermos to keep warm. The filter ended up getting all clogged up with some hard water buildup and the water wouldn't go through the screen filter anymore. Being out on a sailboat, we didn't have a whole lot to work with but we got pretty creative and I can assure you we didn't go without coffee; that wasn't an option.

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Wow, yeah, even on the open water, you gotta do what ya gotta do to get that fix 😂

I'll drink coffee, even if it hurts my body and skin :). That is true determination

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