23 Ways on How to be an Elegant Woman

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23-ways-to-be-elegant-woman-02.JPGThis blog post is by no means a snooty declaration that ' Hey! I am an elegant woman and this is how all women should be' but a gentle reminder that the femininity shines in elegance. It pains my heart to see young women of this era proudly over-sharing details of their life and then complaining when people start to pull them apart. A woman cannot demand respect when she doesn't respect herself.

Anyways! I have compiled 23 ways to be an elegant woman. I hope it will inspire young women to hold their head(not nose) high. It's important to be kind rather than being right.

23 Ways to be an Elegant Woman

  1. Be well read and well-informed
  2. Learn the art of writing a Thankyou note
  3. Be generous in giving compliments
  4. Do not gossip and give a negative feedback ONLY when you are asked to give your opinion.
  5. Don't talk loudly on the phone in restaurants or grocery stores; Ghetto women do that
  6. Learn on how to host a small dinner party; being a good hostess is the epitome of elegance
  7. Always serve tea or coffee after meals
  8. Let HIM pay
  9. Put your phone away while conversing with someone
  10. Remember people's names
  11. Wear classic and simple hairstyles
  12. It's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed; refrain from showing skin on formal events
  13. If you don't want a certain picture to be seen then don't attempt to click it from your smartphone's camera. Similarly, don't send racy photos to your boyfriends or even best friends.
  14. Wear pearls; Ah I love pearls
  15. Invest in a fine Pashmina shawl
  16. Be strong enough to wait for the guy who deserves you; have high standards
  17. Have self-confidence and refrain from sharing every detail of your waking life on social media. People don't need to know about where did you check in last night.
  18. Also don't share your most vulnerable self or weaknesses online. People will dissect you, pull you apart and eventually stop respecting you. So learn the art of putting a mysterious yet graceful persona online.
  19. Practice good posture
  20. Wear feminine dresses more often aka three piece lawn dresses :)
  21. Smell lovely ALWAYS
  22. Learn the art of giving gifts; they should be thoughtful rather than expensive
  23. Smile a lot :)

Do you have any specific definition of being elegant? Please do share that in the comments.

Have a great and productive week ahead!


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I loved the way you present the article. You shared the things which are very common but we forget to check-in/.

Keep writing @thatsrimi