# unity-How science represent the “UNITY” between all

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Hello Steemians! Good Morning all of you .I hope you all are enjoying .
Today I share a deep topic to all of you .
Before jumping to the topic ,I asked you a question that Have you ever wondered that the different aspects of life like honesty, Unity, the concept of god etc. how related to the science ?
Now , you are wondering that how these approaches in one’s life is related to science.
Well science is a very big Domain and I assure you that you got all the answer about life only just have a deep knowledge of science.
Now move to my topic that how “unity” is reflected by science .


Today, In the morning I lifted a huge 15 liters of bucket full of water and I can’t tell you that how heavy it was.
It takes my lot of effort to move just two steps forward ,then I lifted it with both my hands but again it was too much heavy to handle with both the hands. On Seeing this my father came and help me to lift that bucket . we both lifted it with only both have a single handedly and I feeled that it was too easy or light weighted after I got supported by my father.
The reason behind this is very simple that if you lift such a heavy weight with your alone effort .Then you have to apply a much bigger force to lift such a heavy weight and might be you are not able to move it forward .
But when you got supported ,as I got it by my father it looks much easy or light to lift because that force is distributed between us that I used to handle it all before.
Let suppose if that bucket requires a 10N force to lift it, and it was lifted by a single person than he or she has to put all that force with his or her own effort . But if you got more people supported letsay 5 people than each one required to put an effort with 2 N force and we all Know that 2< 10 .


So this examples does not give us the information about science but it gives us a deep message that in all aspects of life if we are united with our friends, relatives, or families in whatever the situation was I damn sure that we can handle it. Even a single person in that part creates a lot of difference.


So I just tell you that “BE UNITED IN EVERY SITUATION”
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