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"My child has no obligation to share toys with your child"
What is the reaction of mothers when their children refuse to give you toys? "Get a toy to borrow a child!", "Why are you selfish?" Or even snatch a toy in your hand, give it to you and not remember the baby's cries?
Many sisters will see milk in it.
Do we do this by teaching your child to share, wanting children not selfish or hesitant, respecting the parents of neighboring children who are standing there?
But Alanya Kolberg's mother is not. Recently, Alanya shared on Facebook a long article with the irony that "My child has no obligation to share toys with your children."
As soon as I and I walked into the park, six children approached Carson and at the same time borrowed Toy Transformer, Minecraft and Carson trucks. She suddenly shocked and immediately hugged the toy when the two boys touched the toy. Carson looked at me.
"You can refuse, Carson," I say calmly. "Just say no You do not need to explain anymore"
Of course, as soon as my child says "No," the other kids immediately said to me: "She does not lend me."
I said, "She did not have to lend me her, she said no." If he wants, he will give himself. "
Immediately, I received some glances, being scorned by my parents around.
I think this:
"If I, an adult, go to the park to eat bread, should I oblige to share bread with strangers in the park?
An educated adult, having a culture that requires my bread and when I do not rest? No problem!
So really, while you guys are throwing me a harsh look, think me and my son not polite, who really do not behave here? A child refuses to give his three toys to six strangers or six strangers do not want to play their own game although not comfortable?
The purpose of educating children is to teach children to behave like adults. But I know many adults clearly never learned to share as a child, many do not know how to say "No", do not know the boundaries and do not know how to protect themselves.
Actually, in the case of Carson, I brought the toy to the park to play with my girlfriend, the two of us had a day at the park. I do not want to give children rude toys because I want to let the girls know.
The next time, if you fall into the same situation as me, make a distant child disappointed not to give toys, remember that we do not live in a world where you have to give up everything Are you there for anyone just because they say so. And I will teach my child as well! "My child has no obligation to share toys with your child"
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