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While I went back to the freelance venue I felt completely proud and very confident because I thought that I had given a good service which also was indicated by the extra tip and it was a good experience even though I did not reach an orgasm.

When I arrived I felt more confident and chose to sit down at the bar where I ordered a cup of tea but the waiter told me that the guy over there had told her that she should give me a drink on his bill right when I came in, and she thought it would be rude to order tea, so I changed it to a spy, which is red wine mixed with carbonated mineral water.

I got my drink and of course went over to cheers with him and thank him for it, he asked me to sit next to him, which of course I did with a smile even though not really my type.

He was quite direct and said that he had noticed my lovely ass when I went out with the last client and had decided to wait to see if I came back.

I sipped some red wine of courtesy, am not so into alcohol, have had too many bad experiences with it during my upbringing, lost both my father, two brothers and some uncles and nephews to it, so I limit it to a little champagne for New Year and some wine for parties.

It wasn't much talking until he started negotiating, which I really wanted to completely refuse, but decided that it was myself who had chosen this career and then also had to take the sour with the sweet.

He was not interested in oral but just wanted to fuck me in the ass without a condom for an hour, which I was told was impossible for both parts, so after some talking he agreed to intercourse with a condom for an hour.

We went to the same location as my previous client had directed, he paid, and we went to the room. Just as we entered, he went to the bathroom and locked the door, so I sat down on the bed, took off my clothes, put it on the chair and put a towel around me. After a short time he came out of the room naked with his clothes and belly belt in his hand, so I went and took a shower, I had just taken one 15 minutes ago but wanted to signal that I was clean.

He sat on the side of the bed where he had put his clothes on the floor, so I laid down next to him and started caressing his back, he then turned and took the two pillows and put them in the middle of the bed telling me that I should lie on my stomach with my as up, so he could look at it.

Of course, I did as commanded and laid there with my ass bouncing straight up in the ceiling, he began to grab my ass with rather vigorous movements, he did so some time before he pulled my legs apart and sat down between them and started licking me in the crevice, it was a little weird feeling and I felt a little mental discomfort at the thought of him licking me in the ass.

I forced my thoughts away and said to myself that I had to be more open-minded to new things for whom am I to judge what other people find exciting and after all, I get paid for it.

The licking lasted for a while and then stopped and I could feel that he was trying to put his dick in my ass, I turned around and saw that there was no condom on, so I gave him the pack of condoms from the bed and asked him to take one on and that it was vaginally we had agreed. He irritatedly threw the pack of condoms into the corner of the bed, got up, took his little belly belt, and fished out a condom and some lube. He lubricated his rather long but not-so-thick curved cock and then put on a condom.

I laid back in place and soon after noticed that he was starting to force the cock into my pussy, it was not something with slow sensitive movements but just one long push until his cock head hit the bottom of my pussy.

He started to fuck me pretty quick and I tried to show empathy by pushing my ass against him as he was pushing in, but he didn't seem to care because he forced me hard onto the pillows again. He fucked me monotonously that way for quite a long time with a firm grip on my ass as he occasionally gave it a slap before pushing the dick all the way down and lying down on top of me and I could feel his cock pump inside me.

He laid a while after which he pulled the dick out and I looked at him and could see that he had no condom on, I started scolding him, but he said it must have fallen off when he pulled it out.

I tried to feel in my pussy but could not feel any condom but his sperm were running out, he insisted he had a condom on, so I searched deeper and eventually found a crumpled condom without a drop of sperm inside. I felt so exploited, furious, and angry, something that it take a lot to make me and something that only a few people have experienced.

I promised him loss of all dignity and honour and threatened him with all kinds of accidents and curses. Also told him I don't use protection, so I will most likely get pregnant and will have to go to the clinic tomorrow which is true. He apologized but still claimed that he did not know the condom had fallen off, then took his purse and gave me some money which he said was compensation. Put on his clothes without washing and left the room.

Went out immediately and washed me feverishly all over and especially in the pussy, usually do not use soap inside but it got the whole treatment, several times also with the flusher from the toilet which can flush it out completely to the bottom with high pressure.

I was in a terrible mood and most wanted to just scream and run away but was aware that if I went home now I would not be able to sleep but just have this ride me like a mare and I would probably never come back on the horse.

So I put my clothes on and went back to the freelance venue.

This concludes my second entry in my log, the other client for my first day were "the Roman well-hung stallion" but I am not sure if any have interest in reading about it so if you like me to continue please leave a comment.



Very disrespectful of him, he should not break the terms agreed, most important thing is you safe. please continue

Hello I would like to see your content again, I promise to support you.

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