⚠ These 7️⃣ women show the face they put when they have mega orgasms to prove that adult movies are full lies ⚠

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Marcos Alberti, a Brazilian photographer, set out to prove that porn is very deceptive and does not represent what sexual relationships really are. For this he decided to photograph the faces of different women before, during and after an orgasm. In this way he managed to show the real aspect of female sexuality.

The Project O


The project called it The O Project, and it was done in collaboration with Smile Makers, an erotic toy company that tries to normalize female sexuality and prevent it from remaining taboo. Empowering women is essential to keep them from hiding their sexual desire.


Smile Makers posted an announcement on her Facebook page in which they reported that they needed candidates for the photo shoot. The participants were chosen from among all the women who responded to that announcement. They belonged to different nationalities and ethnic groups and to get to orgasm, they masturbated with an erotic toy.


In these photos we can see how their faces evolved and the change that occurred in their facial expressions.


To the question

How do you feel about seeing the pictures?

Cassie, one of the photographed participants, responded:

Excited is little. I am fascinated and I feel empowered. The message we are sending to all women is that they have nothing to be ashamed of. It is something real, natural and precious.

To read more: Frente Fantasma, Huffington Post

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