City Shutting Down Life-Saving Charity Because They Don't Have a Permit

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Egg Harbor City, NJ — In the land of the free helping those in need can be considered a criminal act if one does not file the right paperwork and pay the right official for the 'privilege' of being kind and helping others. As the case below illustrates, even when these acts of charity are saving the lives of children, the heartless state will step in to stop it—if you haven't paid them.

In December, Angela Seri Krukauskas decided that she wanted to help people during the Holiday season, so she began a food pantry. The feedback from the community was overwhelming, as well as the response from those in need. Once the community began coming together, the operation quickly turned from a simple food pantry into something much more.

As Egg Harbor City News notes, "by December 18, 2017, her husband Tom had the box built and the pantry was stocked and many in need started benefiting from it. The pantry, located at 350 Boston Ave. has the saying, “ Take a blessing if you need one, Leave a blessing if you can. For note information (609)-287-2450. The following day donations started pouring in. She started the hashtag #no1hungryinEHC. On December 21, 2017, Christmas gifts started being donated. Due to the amount of gifts received, Angela and those who donated were able to give 41 children Christmas, that otherwise they would not have received."

But Christmas gifts and food were only the beginning. Soon those in need were able to ask the community for things they desperately needed and through the Krukauskas pantry, they would receive them.

“I am grateful and overjoyed,” she told last month. “There are no words to say it. Other than the birth of my children, I’ve never felt joy like this.”

The operation would even get medical supplies into the hands of those unable to pay for them and the charity continued well past the holiday season all the way into January.

According to Egg Harbor News, "On December 31, 2017, a mom desperate for a nebulizer to give her child medication reached out to Angela. Angela posted what she needed, and within hours was able to give that mother a nebulizer that was donated, possibly saving a child’s life. Her generosity didn’t stop there. In early January, Angela offered her home as a place to stay warm during some the coldest weather this area had seen in quite some time, as the city has no warming areas, this was above and beyond what anyone had done to keep citizens warm. On January 16, a single father approached Angela requesting items that he needed for his home and by this past Monday, 4 days later, this single dad received everything on his list."

However, as the charity grew, so did the state's interest in thwarting the unauthorized acts of humanity. On Wednesday, state agents went to the Krukauskas residence to shut it down.

According to the report, agents with the Egg Harbor City Code Enforcement showed up at her door and now she'll have to fight them in city hall to continue helping the homeless.

Krukauskas is scheduled to fight her case in Thursday's city council meeting at 7:00 pm. The community is asking for those in the area to show up and show their support.

Hopefully, the show of support will garner media coverage and the bureaucrats who'd outlaw helping those in need will be shamed into allowing the pantry to continue. However, as TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, not only does the state fail to show remorse for their inhumane decisions—but they will back these inhumane decisions up with guns.

The Free Thought Project will continue to report on this story as it unfolds.

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She should @marcstevens while she still has the chance.


@marcstevens was one of my initial gurus.

Ask the right questions and judges veins stick out or their heads and they start screaming bloody murder.

If you haven't read "Adventures in Legal Land", please do so. Cops are trained monkeys. You can get their testimony tossed out every last time because they simply lack the IQ to figure out that "the city" is an act of the legislature... and no man or woman can be "standing within an act of the legislature".

How exactly does a man or woman stand "within" an act of a legislature?


I have read that.
I used the method with good effect, not a complete win, I wasn't ready to go to trial, but they let me off with no fines and no more jail time.
They thought they were funny, their first offer was a 10yr minimum.


Good to hear! It is true and it works.

If you let them brow beat you into accepting their system you are lost. Ask the right questions ( thanks @marcstevens ) then they get very uncomfortable as they know that what they are doing is criminal.

work out of a house and then you can say you are just helping your neighbors. following you.

Restore faith in humanity

If I were here, I'd ask them a few questions...

Are you claiming that I'm operating a business? If so, please provide the business license that I applied for.

Are you claiming that I'm a city employee subject to city ordinances? If so please show my contract and last pay stub as proof.

City ordinances ONLY apply to city employees. Yes, they are enforced upon everyone EXCEPT the city but that doesn't change the fact that cities, townships, and other legal fictions can ONLY dictate to their employees.

Rights are inherent and inalienable.

No municipal corporation (that is what cities, townships, and such are) has ANY authority to tell people not acting as city employees what they can or cannot do.