My Photos of a Beautiful Sunset

in #life6 years ago

Hey Steemers!

I’m not one to take lots of photos day-to-day, but I couldn’t resist posting the beautiful sunset I saw over the weekend.

It was a gift to see this with my own eyes in the great state of Indiana. These surprises in nature make you realize how unique our time is here and how life is a hell of journey.

No editing done here, just the images my iPhone 8 picked up!






I took these photos while my mom was driving. I told her to stop looking and to pay attention to the road haha.

Have a great start to your week!

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Very nice photoes @tfeldman.

Excellent nature and very beautiful photography.everything charmed me.

Thank you! It was beautiful.

Taken near the Cliff House in San Francisco...
October 21, 2020... 0.7 Hollywood Time...

Beautiful sunset! Lovely place to live

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