Who made me rich? Actualizing the real wealth in the absence of cash.

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Hello there,

Making a great day out of boredom, is like making a life out the dead. My day was great though, but just had it all revolving around a particular scenario with a very dicey question to tackle.


It still baffles me, but I wanna know who truly made me rich.

I used to be a man of a very poor financial status, I got a rich man who helped me with the sum of $50,000, and I had a poor old man as a neighbor who gave me the business idea that made me a billionaire today. Among these two, who made me rich?

Who do you think made me rich?

This particular question I've been thinking about all day. I really don't know how to answer it or what to answer it with. Then I intend to look into the whole thing critically. If I never had the $50k, could I be this rich? If I never got the business idea from my neighbor, could I be this rich?

The whole thing is far more than just trying to acknowledge one out of the two persons. The fact still remains that they both contributed into the affairs of my well being but the question is....... WHO MADE ME RICH?

The Main Idea!


The idea I never thought of!.

In the absence of the cash, I had no such ideal that could have made me as rich as I am today, but the fact the the idea is a genuine one, now I'm a billionaire. My poor, and old neighbor never gave me a dine cause he has it not but he gave me an extract from his brain which I guess can never be tagged with a particular price case it's more than just a common thinking. And on the other hand, if I didn't get the $50k, I guess the idea would be as good as dead.

The real cash!


The capital that came in disguise..

The unexpected capital of $50k that came in was more than just a give from my helper but he had never told me what to do with the money. And getting the money from him is enough for me to be grateful for the rest of my life. The money was far enough to make me happy then but what if the business idea never came up?

What I try to balance but couldn't.

Ain't trying to say that just one of them helped me. They both did. If the money wasn't there, the idea could have been a dead thought now, and what if the idea wasn't there, the money could have been a history. So I acknowledged both of them, and I still wanna know. Who made me rich?

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Both of them made you rich because idea without the money wouldn't have taken you anywhere, vice versa.


Thanks fan. That's true but I'm actually trying to weigh their supports.


Thanks fan. That's true but
I'm actually trying
To weigh their supports.

                 - tezzmax

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