Huge Homemade Vacuum-Tube Light Fixture - How to - Part 4

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This is Part 4 of a "How To" on making a homemade light fixture, consisting of vacuum tubes.

Step 6: Seat the Valves.


I then lined each hole with contact cement, then lined the bases of each valve with contact cement, and set the valves into their respective holes, and allowed the cement to set.

For the ZD1000F, because of its size, I drilled tiny holes in its socket posts, and then set the ZD1000F into its respective hole, then ran galvanized baling wire through the holes, effectively securing the ZD1000F into place.



Step 7: Turn It On, and Enjoy.

Once all the cement has set, turn the fixture on, and prepare to be inundated with complements, amazement, and endless, interesting conversation.

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ohh amazing brother i am waiting for your next post

Awesome love it. thanks for post.

That looks so epic honestly I might have to try making something like that!

very glad to see that the cat isn't being a pest

No cat was harmed in the making of this light fixture.

Woooohhhhh. Very nice post budddy... best one.... love you❤️❤️

how are you buddy

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