Goodwill, Chained By Organized Crime

in #life5 years ago

Nearly 7 months, I was with my friends to step up the Strategy to seize the opportunities that exist in front of the eyes. The various obstacles and obstacles we always face as wise as possible. There is an enthusiastic support for the future of youth to take part in any policy.

There is a Pula who is apathetic due to defending the elderly in idolakan. The words "Everyone has his time, Every time There is a person." If viewed in this millennial era, then it has entered the category of the era of youth who lead. If youth ask for Opportunity, then there will be no chance for you, youth, we've fallen into this circle, said some of the earlier in the system.

Rest assured almost the whole machine is broken in the hands of the person, impossible if you want to change, but in the body of the engine is still given dirty oil to damage the performance of the machine.

Final words, youth, Do not fall asleep if the honey smeared on your back, Because bitter life will not only you who will feel, but almost the entire community that exist in your environment.

Silence laments, or rise up a betrayed opponent. Youth Worthy of Lead.


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