A dusk and a mountain

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I always liked the dusk! The dusk sky is an inspiration to develop imagination. Poets or fiction writers often use the word "twilight or dusk" in each of their works.

The mountain scenery is also an inspiration to them. Mountain views are common. It has a wide scope in every work of fiction.

For me, dusk has two opposite meanings. It can mean happiness and sadness. I describe happiness in every dusk when I find beauty there through the gradations of color. It represents the mood that is being experienced by everyone.


Then what about sadness? A person who is feeling sorrow also often associate their feelings towards the twilight or dusk. Twilight in this photo is the last twilight in Ramadan. We have to part with Ramadan. This is a sadness because we have to wait for Ramadan next year.

Then the mountain has many meanings in the philosophy of life. Mountain is the source of life for living things. The life of flora and fauna in the mountains for example. The mountain gives them a vibrant place of life.

Mountain is a principle. A person who holds a strong principle will be difficult to destroy except by themselves, like a solid mountain.


Then, how the meaning of dusk and mountain for you?

Performanced by Nikon D5500.
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Gunung Seulawah kah.. ??


Betul sekali


Pengambilan foto masih dalam kawasan Pidie ya bang.


hoe neuh bang hantom deuh2?

Wow.. indah alam senja merah merona.
Terima kasih @teukumukhlis sudah berbagi. Sehat dan sukses selalu. Salam kenal

Lama tak bersua, puehaba yg di koeta radja...

Nyan seulawah agam lagoe