Not Making Mistakes? That's a BIG Mistake

in life •  6 months ago


I think that Frank Wilczek is right on target with this one. He's a smart guy, winning the Nobel Prize as a physicist. We have to make mistakes that are not going to kill us, obviously, but we can't be afraid of making them. Push yourself with good judgment. Build your decision-making muscles. Then enjoy success in those areas important to you. - Terry Brock

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Yep, it’s on the other side of failure that you find success. Good one Terry!

The generation of kids nowadays will hopefully snap out of their no failures lifestyle so many of them live. It starts with giving everyone a medal for participating instead of just for the winners, having to include everyone in a birthday party even if you don’t want to invite them all, hell there was one school that banned the word ‘best friend’ because it left others out! There is a lot of power in failure and not being the best, not winning it all; it humbles most and helps them strive for more and when they work hard TO succeed, that success feels much better at the end of the day. Little different than the original post but it’s relevant in my opinion.

Making mistakes is the only way we have to learn and become wiser.

We should embrace every one of our mistakes, and use them as a lesson so eventually we can do better.

Certainly, mistakes provide opportunities for individuals to learn and move forward. If you don't make mistakes, then you aren't progressing.