Lonely man

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In other words, a utopian man, the command of a great man, was distorted to downsize a man and see him on a white cloud. Thus, on the ground, in the sky; a place in the san and a utopian magic

He was a real man. It was alive and bloody. He left the equator, not two. Head and arms are at the top, inside and below. Like a potato that doesn't continue. So half of the work is nothing; That was all. His heart was a whole and he threw it away. And he wasn't dead, he was alive.

Maybe he was lost in an abstraction. Because he didn't sleep and his eyes were closed.

The emotional part is active, but I think you're in trouble!

Oh, man …

He abstracted the man with a utopian magic. He's waiting for him. He's coming, but he said "wait." This was our expectation. He was waiting, but for some reason the woman did not come. The utopian kraga is begging, I look forward; when will you come

In this place, in the sky, by the way; Top of a white cloud

Oh, man …

Two-thirds of his life has run out, now he is the son of his life; he was waiting …

, we drank first. Then he gave birth to a child. Then he sucked his idiot, then ate, drank, and grew up. Next. The owner was a wonderful, homemade crust. It was a job; It worked. He worked, earned money, and looked after his family. And one day she came and got old. Therefore, the season is currently in the fall

He had two daughters and a son. They had four grandchildren with them. Sometimes she likes chocolate, desserts, ferris wheel, bumper cars, but she walks alone!

Lonely man…

No more cleaning and production. She only consumes it, but it's not.

Lonely heart y

Heart blank and lonely

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