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After a long time the lion comes out of the kitchen with a small tray and enters the hall.
Her sister screams a little;
Lion proudly;
? I don't ask what's in it, what's the best?
What do I have? Look at me and look at this great . Sister, where are you running?

  • If that's the case, I need to see the kitchen.
    , something that kills in the kitchen, the taste of God's , kings, prime ministers, cannot taste a masterpiece. Why are you laughing at me?
    Joy joy. You made the diamonds worthy of the king.
  • Come on, come on, I'm sorry, you can eat.
    I hope I'm happy with the punishment.
  • Yeah -
    I'm going to eat orum, I can't eat. What I know, the craftsmen I know do with 40-fold dough. I'm also using 8-10 for beginners, I don't use 3 , I started to see 3.
  • I'm open to criticism. I'm not tired, but taste it, you'il like it.
  • Did you look?
  • Animals control the taste while cooking. After the meal the king offers.
  • He's your oldest, isn't he? Take her to taste.
    My father finds an excuse for what I've done. Thanks for the extension, you're eating.
  • Give me a good one. I hope I have time to write. You have a very nice bread taste.
    What bread?
    You cooked three basins and put them on top, you didn't even add sugar.
    God, I'm boiling sugar. I forgot to cook, I don't like the best bread on one side.
    I ran the camel, why did you tuck your back? Curve and said, Where am I right? -
    Like a child, I don't like it. “I understand the pattern.

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