Hey boy

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There is no one who understands the value of an existing time, but there are a lot of crazy people.

There is always a dark country in the mountains; In this country gathered flowers, insects, trees, gallbladder bulbs went to light countries.

We have a king in this restaurant, we have rumors.

The king's apple had a cheerful girl with a multicolored personality, his diamonds were as bright as the moon, and his diamonds were as bright as the moon.

It was like sunbathing in the palace and at birth. After he got his mother, his mother went to heaven. Every kid cries and sulk.

One morning again in the garden, but in the garden, in the flower garden and at the door of the garden, in the cold stones on the door of the garden.

That day he heard a clear tune, turned his head that way, saw a handsome greedy, grumpy man on his bike.

The young man was noticed as a smile on his face but could not find a smile. How many faces do you have?

  • Hey boy, wait for me.

The young man turned his head in the direction of sound, no matter how beautiful the world was. He's on his way.

They looked … the boy looked at her, he looked at the boy for a long time, under the gaze of all the stones around him.

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