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One day, he was excited about the nursery and hit his dad's knee. Her unique friend, her unique friend, was staring into space with her big blue eyes. He didn't understand what happened first. Her father said she thought she was going to a doctor. Bab Bab is trying to get her daughter into her console. But to no avail. My family was staring with empty and helpless eyes for a while. There was nothing they could do. Her mother hadn't been interested in a child for a long time, so she noticed it when she looked into your child's eyes.

, his son's only friend, stood before his eyes and had nothing to do.
When the children of that evening were a witness who should have filled their children lately, he was seen with empty eyes, sad eyes, and a hand on his chin. But they were trying not to show. Is it better to get this toy? But my father knew: a Based on past times, problems and problems, we need to find a solution in the past. To act according to his word was the most accurate and fast decision.
There was a very bad situation. A solution should be available immediately. "But how? When you ask him, Gonk! Medicine mocked his mind like a mind. Breaking the game. Bad results were obtained if new one was taken. Completed by players. Thesis study created by space. Children and unique sons.

……… ..

The solution emerged with the lightning speed of parents' mind and should be applied immediately. He's gone since.

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