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Childhood is obscurity. It relies solely on the kindergarten. And the requirements are also less. As we get older, we go away. That means entering into youth. Our requirements go up. But we still rely on our parents. Such dependence should end us as soon as possible. Because such dependence starts gradually getting cumbersome on parents, which is not in any way right. There are hundreds of examples of such people in the world,
Those who like to keep control of their lives and young people do not want to depend on anyone to achieve their goals. Most of these people are called self-dependent and they feel more happy themselves. Self-reliance of a person is a very good quality. Everyone makes something different to become self-sufficient. But there are some similarities in those different ways as it first assesses the reality of one's own self, he is willing to make himself better.
And learn from others' mistakes. These are some of the components that lead us towards self-sufficiency.

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