6 Things I Learned in 2018

in life •  21 days ago

First of all:  Happy New Year Steemians!

Before you think I'm some sort of loafer who doesn't spent any time learning just keep in mind that these are some of the big lessons. It would be pretty sad if I only learned 6 things in an entire year.  I learned more.  I promise.


6 Big Theme's Learned from 2018

1.) You cannot plan enough. Even when a plan is executed you need to spend time planning for other possible outcomes

2.) Pay yourself. when you have a big break, make sure to pay off as much debt as you can. That way, you get to do more with the next break.

3.) Patience is a virtue...one that you have to constantly work to control.

4.) People can be more generous than you think and can be be more evil than you think. In either case you have to keep the faith.

5.) Babies are more expensive than you think!

6.) Check out all the Dapp's you have time to check out, the diamond in the rough is in there somewhere! 

I hope the "old year" treated everyone well and that you are all primed for a bang in the new one!

Let me know what you learned in 2018.  What mistakes did you learn from?  How did you grow?  I'm Curious.

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