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Few things make your stay on earth less pleasant than hating the package you came in. All circumstances, all places, all people, pass out of your field of vision, but your body is with you every second of your life. End your war with it. Call a peace treaty. Remind yourself you are sacred. See the miracle of you. Find something, anything, you truly love about yourself, and focus on that when you look in the mirror. Say nice things to yourself. If you start out saying, "Right nostril, you rock," pretty soon, you'll notice your left nostril ain't so bad either. You'll find yourself admiring your chin while window shopping. The love you give yourself will be contagious. If you can learn to love your body, to wear it like you own it, other people will think you're beautiful. Because the sexiest people in the world know hot has little to do with body parts and everything to do with shining. Shine in every room you walk into. Fill it up with joy and love. People will start saying, "There is something about that girl." And they won't be talking about your thighs. Everyone is looking for love. Give it to yourself so you have enough to give away, become love from the inside out, and you'll be the the thing everyone wants. And even if you're not, you won't care anymore. You'll be too busy admiring your killer nostrils.

(I shared this post on Facebook back in November, and the ridiculously talented Melissa Mora made memes from it. I love it!)


Excellent advice for loving oneself. Thank you!

Thank you! And you're so welcome! <3