Unconditional love

in #life3 years ago

When one loves someone because of his physique, one day all men will grow old.

When someone loves because of his treasure, someday there are times when the treasure can disappear just like that.

When we dare to say you love someone, it should be.

We accept all good qualities.

We love what he is.

We do not go when the day changes and see it grow old

We are not afraid when all his property disappears

Difficult? Yes, it is difficult.

Human love today is merely about matter and self-esteem.

Indeed life is a matter of balance between love and matter.

But the real love has a million reasons, for you to stay.

Not for trivial matter and then looking for another one, which you think more. from all sides.

Love has a thousand, even a million reasons to keep you there, to remain faithful to the end.

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