Childhood Time, The Way To Star Your Life

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Hello Steemian…
At this time, I would like to tell the shorten story of my life. It’s story about my precious moment since was still a kid. As we know, let’s just imagine that becomes the way I used to be a very young child, before going to be understood the meaning of any word.

So, the great opinions took out of my mind. So, the real what is our loving times are everything about care, joyful and free as a child day. The real precious moment is just like a flower, just like the wind, ocean and the bright sun.

At the end of our each life, we will never regret that just not having passed one more test, it’s not really winning one more verdict of event not to be losed one more deal. That’s why we never regret time that if we spent without our each family.


The reason what makes a child gifted and talented is perhaps not always be a good grades in the school. But a difference way the such thing that just take a look up at the world and keep learning hard. For me, the childhood means simplicity, just take a look at the whole world with the child’s eye, but I’m totally big sure that it’s so beautiful.


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