Mankind Robbed by Frequencies....!?

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The Future becomes insecure, would we be able to have our descendants ?

The science proves that man can do everything what desires.

How science has been used, that is another question as well ?


If You assume that the electricity age, mobile phones & wireless technology age contribute in communication development, we ask ourselves are our kids alienated from each other by closing themselves in their rooms and playing games on the Net ?

The detail that surprises the most is the details that the frequencies created by power plants, mobile antennas, transformers can take away money from our accounts…!?

It is very simple because if somebody brakes your apartment’s window, you need to go to glass cutter and to buy a glass for your new window. The money are spent…


Frequencies called Non-ionizing radiation or “EMR” is taking money from our accounts. The question is for the parents whether they want to risk and not have descendants and grandchildren ? There are so many information on internet on this topic, that it is incredibly unclear Why Parents don’t take any action to protect it’s children ?

Now You have a chance for that…

The scientists have discovered that by using the mobile phone where we mostly keep it, the cancers and harder diseases can develop. Another fact says that power plants have it’s influence 650 m far from it and what to say about mobile antennas that are placed in every corner of our cities…


The hospitals are full of Young people that try to solve their own problems with infertility. Tumors and increase of destructive acting of young people justifies the fact that doctors work in full…Only one in-vitro or curing of miom on genitals, costs a fortune.

Take steps to protect yourself from deadly radiation and safe your money, health & descendants…



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Saludos @tatjanastan.
Casi toda la humanidad vive en un manantial electromagnético natural. Ahora se deben añadir los producidos por la actividad humana. En un principio estos estaban referidos a las torres eléctricas, algunos aparatos electrodomésticos, usos industriales específicos y los radares. En los últimos años se ha apreciado un incremento sin precedentes de fuentes de campos electromagnéticos, utilizados con fines diferentes. Se han empleados en la industria, la medicina, el comercio y prácticamente han invadido la vida diaria. El grado de producción ha alcanzado niveles tales que los expertos alertan de una contaminación electromagnética ambiental. Si esto es así es obvio que incidan de algún modo sobre la salud humana.
Pueden causar enfermedades como el cáncer, la esterilidad y otras menos conocidas.
Un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo.


Necesitamo hacer algo al este momento...🤩🤩🤩

we always live with technology, the past is not the same as now, then we always move with the times, how our children so born already know the technology, not the same old parents with all the technological deficiencies, but they always hope that the children and grandchildren they live with all that means to move forward with the technology that exists now


If we dont do something, technology will kill us...


Meaningful cartoon..


Cartoon ?