Can Your Skirt Show Your Character & Safe Your Life...?!

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Many years ago, it was easier to live. People were more relaxed, happier & smiling most of the time. People believed in brighter future & in miracles. It was nothing to understand even Nikola Tesla's experiments of Boat Transferring - Famous Philadelphia experiment.

Luck was solved & disolved. Boat appeared & disapeared. Nikola Tesla & others discovered the knowledge of electricity, electromagnetic waves & current that supposed only to serve the Mankind.

But what was meant to serve at that time became one of the most dangerous karmic invention that harmed hundred thousands people's lives. Nobody was protected & still nobody is protected. People die from most severe sicknesses only because they decided to sleep at that place.


The secondary effect from electricity, electromagnetic radiation & geopathic radiation kills the people...


What should we do now? How to safe our body from this pleague?


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This is very informative. Now what are the safety measures one should take to mitigate this growing problem as we can not do away with technology as it mostly related to it


Safety measures are to protect ourselves. The photo has the solution...

This is a very serious concern dear Mam everytime we are bound and compelled to live with these killers and it's beyond our imagination how dangerous these waves are, maybe PXD have some solutions.
Hare Krishna

Wow that did not know is very interesting because I know people who live in places very similar to the photo and do not know the damage that are being done

Hola @tatjanastan. En lo particular pienso que el problema no es lo que han inventado algunas personas o lo que nos ha traído la tecnología. El problema es (como dice el cantante guatemalteco Arjona jajaja) el uso que le ha dado la humanidad a los descubrimientos, ya sea para bien o para mal.


Si, eso es...

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Boat appeared & dissapeared.
It should be disappeared instead of dissapeared.



great work bro.


??? Bro ???



Wow. That's great bro. Thanks


Haha She is lovely Madam my friend, hehe.


Yes, I'm She...


??? Bro ??

Energy Mafia has no brakes!

A wonderful post, I will share it!

The real problem, friend @tatjanastan is the way we use those resources so necessary in our lives. receive my greetings.