Piss enough people off with those attitudes and soon enough the censors will step in to ban April.

Wait, I think I should be the one saying something like this, being the one labeled an idiot for making a joke you failed to catch. I'm confused. xD

It's my fault. Yes. Okay then.

I fixed the part where I called you an idiot. I apologize for that. Just know, I wasn't happy when I saw the reaction and realized what it turned into. I was also just waking up. Hadn't even had my first cup of coffee yet. Idiots was pretty light compared to some of the other shit I've said in my day.

And I apologize for making you feel like you were the ringleader of something you absolutely disagree with. But I wasn't even offended. And I know what it feels like to just get out of bed and see some shit before having some coffee. I've said much more in this position. xD

Edit: I hate autocorrect.

You're not a bad human. Humanity is twisted at times and I find it strange how something so innocent can turn on a dime due to a misunderstanding. This world is going to shit if I have to worry about which number I choose, on top of which words I choose. This post could be treated as an early warning sign. Let's not let this get out of hand.

I've been thinking about it for a few days now, since the 22.4444 softfork went through. That 4444 was misinterpreted by a few members and labelled as an attack on a certain culture. Once that happened, bigots picked up on it and began using it as a tool to... be bigots.

The problem started with the "social justice warrior types" giving a definitive definition to something that could be interpreted a million different ways. They do this all the time. Then the assholes use that definition as a way to hate. Then we get censorship. Then anyone using a four in this case is labelled and thrown in the pile. It might sound crazy but this happens in society all the time now.

All I'm really saying is hey, I see where this is going and it doesn't make me comfortable.

By the way, idiot is a Greek word, which stems from the word ''ιδιώτης''. In modern Greek it translates into ''the owner of property'', but in ancient Greece the term was used to describe someone who didn't care at all about politics. It was an insult back then.

Useless info of the day. Or maybe not? Not even Greeks know this nowadays,so I felt like sharing.

Thanks! My brain needed more useless information.

Zing. I'm joking.

No, you weren't joking at all! I'm offended now. (More failed humour)

I wonder what they call vote4vote, as it seems to be common practice

I think if numbers here keep declining, the only option we'll be left with is I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

Let's see how it plays out. No point leaving half way through the show...

Apparently Justin is on twitter again... bullshitting. Drinking problem maybe? Maybe he uses too much Adderall. Guilty conscience? Have you ever seen someone lie so openly and carefree?

Have you ever seen someone lie so openly and carefree?

Lol, yes. But he has a lot more to lose than the ones I know :D

It seems to stem from his complete willingness to do and say anything in order to get his way. An extreme fear of failure perhaps.

A pride thing. He's not saving face though. He's making it worse.

His face is taking a hammering.

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