Where have you been? You need to mine some Steem by using your steempower to do some upvotes, otherwise it’s just wasting away. Your past posts look interesting, I am going to follow you to see some cool things from Ireland.

yeah hopefully i will be posting more stuff .. thanks for following.. really appreciate that :)

I see you started STEEMIT because of Jerry Banfield, here is a picture of me with him at the first STEEMIT meetup in Florida. Great guy!

yeah i dd, Jerry is an amazing guy, so humble and down to earth, very few people like him in the cryptocurrency world. thanks for sharing the pic :) love your content @mark

👍 everybody loves Jerry

congratulations back again @taqi, I have your votes.
best regards, I will follow you, make me your good friend.
and greetings to @markvance.
thank you

@taqi good luck friend...

welcome to steemit comunity i hope you enjoy here @tagi :)

Welcome back !

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