Relaxing Atmosphere at my brother’s New Condominium

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The Saint Residence47.jpg

As promised, today I will show you photos of the new condominium of my brother. It is, in fact, not far away from the old condominium, I can drive on the same roads to reach there.

The name of this condominium is “The Saint Residence”. When I park my car, this beautiful church beside the condominium with wonderful huge white clouds immediately attracted my eyes.

The Saint Residence48.jpg

The Saint Residence18.jpg

This condominium is comprised of three buildings in the "U" shape. They all are high and have modern styles.

The Saint Residence28.jpg

The Saint Residence33.jpg

The Saint Residence34.jpg

The Saint Residence29.jpg

The Saint Residence35.jpg

The Saint Residence36.jpg

The Saint Residence15.jpg

The Saint Residence17.jpg

The area is decorated with plenty of beautiful flowers and many wonderful trees.

Most of the trees are big. These make good shady and create a relaxing atmosphere.

The Saint Residence24.jpg

The Saint Residence30.jpg

The Saint Residence37.jpg

The Saint Residence31.jpg

The Saint Residence20.jpg

The Saint Residence21.jpg

The Saint Residence22.jpg

The Saint Residence23.jpg

The Saint Residence19.jpg

The Saint Residence13.jpg

The Saint Residence39.jpg

I also like the small fountains at the center of the area. It creates a refreshing atmosphere.

The reflection on the water looks so cool and creates amazing art, especially in the last photo.

The Saint Residence42.jpg

The Saint Residence45.jpg

The Saint Residence44.jpg

The Saint Residence41.jpg

I have many more photos of the beautiful buildings around this condominium. If I include them in this post, my post will probably be too long for you. So, I think the remaining photos presented in my next post would be better. Please stay tuned.


Beautiful shots. I like the view

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the view. ;)

Your brother has a condominium, how they say in my country, how wonderful to be your friend, it means that you will invite me to know the condominium since we are friends :) well now seriously, you have where to go to have fun with your family, the photos leave see great places and what else is missing, I am happy for your brother that GOD continue to bless him

Haha! I'm happy to be your friend, too. And I'm glad you like the photos. Thanks a lot! ;)

Very good photos, the place is very beautiful, it looks relaxing and calm. from what I could see, it has a water source.

Yeah! It's relaxing and calm indeed. Thanks so much! ;)

What I liked the most is that it is surrounded by a lot of nature.

Me, too! The nature around the condominium is really nice indeed. Thanks a lot! ;)

That condo is very beautiful, the buildings look imposing and very modern. Congratulations on the new condo.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the buildings. ;)

Excellent photography of beautiful buildings.

Thank you very much for your nice comment and for visiting my blog. I'm glad you like the buildings. ;)

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