Nice Bangkok city view from high buildings

in #life2 months ago

city view7.jpg

It’s great to see Bangkok city from high buildings when I had to go for yearly health check ups at the hospital.

A lot of green trees here and there can release me from any stress and nervousness while waiting for the doctor.

city view9.jpg

city view8.jpg

city view11.jpg

And this small garden on the building gave me a relaxing atmosphere and can refresh my mind.

city view13.jpg

city view12.jpg

When it’s time to go home, the sky was almost dark. The colors of the sky were so astonishing.

city view15.jpg

city view16.jpg

On the way to my home, I passed “The Victory Monument ''. It is a military monument which is one of the most important monuments in Bangkok. It looks outstanding from a far distance with the lights among the darkness.

Vitory Monument1.jpg

Vitory Monument.jpg

I ended that day with happiness with the good results of my health check ups as well as the nice Bangkok city view that I saw. What a wonderful day it was!

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