From Elvis Presley to the Beatles to Steve Jobs and the secret book that changed their lives forever.

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Happiness and peace are the two thing we are constantly in search of.Let's see how some of the most successful people continued the search and succeeded.

Elvis Presley

American singer song writer and actor Elvis Aaron Presley needs no introduction. Often referred as the King of Rock and Roll had a secret side that was not much exposed to the outer world.He had a passion for the deepest possible understanding of religion and spirituality. From a very early age he had a firm faith in the stories of The Bible.

Larry a close friend of Elvis got him different books related to spirituality to read.One of the Books got him introduced to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda a Hindu sage from India and he was very much interested in getting initiated into

Kriya Yoga and thus he went to meet Daya Mata the direct disciple of Paramhansa Ji (who went into Maha samadhi in 1952).
The Self-Realization Fellowship in California was running under the direction of Daya Mata and Elvis would be a frequent visitor as a member and get absorbed in her teachings.He would lovingly call Daya Mata , Ma (Ma means Mother).

Sri Daya Mata (Her family name was Faye Wright.)

To know more about Elvis Presley's spiritual journey you can checkout the following book.

The Beatles

George Harrison a.k.a the reluctant Beatle was always curious about a few questions like " what is our purpose in life? Where did we come from ? and where do we go after we are done? ".

Trying to find answers to these questions he was more and more spiritually inclined and in this process he got introduced to the Book Autobiography of a yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda .

George with Sri Daya Mata

His spiritual inclination was quite evident from the Beatles song My Sweet Lord . In this process the entire band made several trips to India and met several spiritual gurus.

One of the most popular Albums of The Beatles , Sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band album cover has the picture of Paramhansa Yogananda,his Guru Sri Yukteshwar Giri and his guru Sri Sri Lahiri Mahasaya and finally his Guru the immortal saint Mahavata Babaji. These pictures were present in the Autobiography.

The Album Cover

Steve Jobs

The impact of Autobiography of a Yogi on Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple Inc was massive . He read this book every year since the age of 17 and then finally in 1974 he visited India.He even advised Mark Zuckerbergof Facebook to visit India when his company was on the verge of collapse and came to Steve for advise. Which Mark reveals in an interview.

Mark with Mr. Narendra Modi (The P.M. of India)

The day before he passed away, he told his sister that he was going to a better place.
Steve had already planned his Memorial service and a gift in a brown box to be presented to the attendees .

And the brown box contained nothing other that the Autobiography of a yogi.

Mark Benioff (founder and Ceo of Salesforce) talks about the gift

Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramhansa Yogananda

It is considered as one of the most influential spiritual books ever written. It was first published in 1946 and still it sells heavily world wide.

The immortal Guru Mahavatar Babaji/ Sri Guru Babaji

May Babaji bless us all

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Indeed a very powerful book. Has moved millions of people. But the book itself only comes in the hands of those who deserve it. It helped in answering many questions I had about spirituality. Takes you to a whole new level.

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