How true leaders develop leadership skills through time

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“What you do today will have an impact on your future...”

Mahatma Gandhi

There are people those that have never been witnessed by anyone else before. Individuals have a wide range of likes, opinions on life, and ambitions in life... Those who are different, in short, have many different values in many different areas of their lives (money, employment, bilateral ties, and so on! ), and as a result, they make decisions that are uniquely theirs.


Every now and again, we hear, "I tried X, but it didn't work, it's always like that, you try too, but you'll fail." In this essay, I'd like to discuss how those under positions of leadership can go forward in such circumstances without deviating from their own course of action.

"I shouldn't try this because they already did it, so why should I?" some of us say, while others say, "I'm going to try again, on my own, in my own way, with what I know," no matter what happens. "I'm going to fall, I'll fall, if I fail, I'll be the best," some of us say, while others say, "I'm going to be the best." While acknowledging the opposing viewpoint, are we attempting to move forward without remaining in that place too long? I would have learned something awful as a result of this experience.

Straight to the point: this is what we refer to as "real leadership" in the business world. The ability to navigate our own path regardless of external factors, even if many of these factors are "non-existent" today (for example, we may not have enough money, we may not be able to work as well as we would like, our workplace may not be as productive as we would like, and we may still lack the connections we would like!) is essential. Is it still possible to make progress without deviating from our original line of action?

Do you believe that we may at the very least be leaders of our own lives if we know where we're going and can imagine tomorrow as if it were true, no matter what others say, even if we've "failed," "wasted," "whose efforts will pay off," "self-destructive," "wasted" (!) (!) ( ”At the very least, I tried, I worked hard, and I gained knowledge; is it a waste of time to proclaim, "My way is different?" It seems counter-intuitive to put forth the effort when there are dozens of individuals and occasions who do not even dare to try, let alone "do not bother" to make an effort.

It is the route of life that we must travel. The route awaits others, while others spend their lives according to the righteousness of others, according to the compliance of others, according to what others regard as good, according to what others enjoy and dislike, according to what others expect from life...


Being built for the road entails not being afraid of it and being able to respond to the anxieties, fears, and failures of other people as well. It indicates, in his perspective, that we should not construct obstacles or impediments in our own way... Being built for the road means that you have the ability to give life a second chance at any point in time. Having something made for the road implies the capacity to provide a "light" for those who will pass by that path the next day...

The ability to get up at five in the morning so that this writing can flow into words and come to life, even if no one else will read it, is part of being made for the road. Knowing that you are one with me, here in the heart, today, signifies that you have been prepared for the journey.