How can someone with modest means make a difference?

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Consider the change you will make to yourself. 5 years ago, I felt the same. How can someone with average finances make a difference?

We often assume that in order to be effective, our acts must be enormous and significant. This is not the case.

We've all felt a spark of motivation to do something bigger than ourselves. Before giving up, we're urged to talk to our friends, family, or coworkers.


Don't give up. Even a common person can make a difference. Here are some examples of how a normal person can help:

Making a difference in the world starts with the notion that you can help others. It will not be enough for you to take action and create a significant effect if your purpose is merely to serve yourself. Believe in something greater than yourself, and you'll act differently. Consider the world's problems and try to solve one. Making a difference requires letting go of ego. Strive for the stars.

In 2014, blogging about a 5 person firm looks trivial. This blog post inspired me to write my own viral storey. If I hadn't chosen to blog in the first place, I would never have discovered this idea.

Insignificant first impressions. Most people don't try to launch rockets into space. We start with something we enjoy and work our way up. Everyone who wants to make a difference overlooks the first step. We can't seem to get rid of undesirable notions, and our social network relies on their ideas. 'Disconnect from the result and focus on one little aim at a time.'

The simplest way to make a change in the world is to inspire one person. Each of us can inspire someone. It's a straightforward, attainable goal that shows what's possible.

Millions of people are worthless in a society where one individual can start progress. My partner inspired me to start writing. But she had no notion where to begin. Then he became my first fan. She followed her own dreams after learning from me. Motivating him kept me going. Only one fan made me realise my entire potential. It's good to start with a family member.

Find your own mission. In what ways can you help the world? I was able to contribute to the growth of start-ups that could change the world by sharing their experiences.

I hated every minute of interviewing twenty start-up entrepreneurs. Everyone seemed to be doing the same thing, and I wasn't using my expertise. I chose to tell my own storey since it was less dramatic and more relatable. I wanted to focus on failures rather than successes.

In contrast, the entrepreneurs I spoke with were primarily interested in money, basic things, and sales strategies. That's why I stopped. I refused to be questioned and began writing.”


What I write has inspired me to encourage others throughout the world in business and personal progress. I turned to social media to spread my message. As my toolkit grew, I began addressing groups in person.

This was a cause close to my heart. I didn't need motivation to get up early and write inspirational blog posts for others. So do you. Choose a task that you care about, because if you don't, you'll never finish it.