Vince Wilfork Signs Patriots Contract to Officially Retire with Franchise

in life •  2 years ago 

Amid his prime years with the Patriots, Wilfork was a standout amongst other cautious handles in the NFL. He made five Pro Bowls in New England and was a first-group All-Pro in 2012. The 35-year-old additionally helped the Patriots achieve the playoffs on 10 events and win two Super Bowls before moving to the Texans in 2015.

While Wilfork finished nearly all that he could on the field, he said Wednesday regardless he felt his NFL profession will never be finished since his folks couldn't see it. His mom, Barbara, kicked the bucket in December 2002, six months after his dad, David Sr., passed on.

"They didn't get an opportunity to see their child experience a fantasy," he stated, per Pro Football Talk's Michael David Smith. "Physically, that hurt each day—by the hour, every day. Not a moment passes by. In any case, I know they had the best seat in the house. Much thanks to you, David and Barbara Wilfork."hi-res-ae6718d3bb8560e2be113bbe470b305c_crop_north.jpg

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