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Eight years later, in the history of Bengal, there was a periodic eruption of events in the history of Bengal, whose importance did not occur before in Bangladesh, even after that. The fact that the incident was first exposed, was a collection of enlightened treasures in front of the people of Bengal, which led to the Renaissance in Bengal in the nineteenth century.

The incident is the manifestation of a book. The book is written in English and is a grammar of Bengali language made by Nathaniel Brishi Halhade, printed in Hugli. The important feature of the book is that, in this book, the first version of movable types was found in the appearance of Bangla font. This font was made by a company's civilian named Charles Wilkins. He taught Panchanan Karmakar, a skilled and powerful artist of the country, making the font. Later, the attempt and donation of Panchanan and his family were unique in the history of evolution of the Bengali alphabet.

After the publication of 'Grammar' by Hallhead, in 1784, Jonathan Duncan published a 'Bangla translation guideline' for the reason that the courts and judicial proceedings were going on in all courts and judicial courts. The next year (in 1785 AD), Bakhshani was published in a big way in the name of "the rules of conduct of civil court". Then the bookkhani takes bilingual form. The English page on the left page of the book and its Bengali translation on the right page is printed. In 1787, three law books were published in Bengal. The books 'collector's rules of conduct' respectively, 'for the purpose of judicial and judicial proceedings of all courts and judicial courts, June 27, 177 of June 177, the rules and regulations were established, all known reasons are being written in the name of' Jurisprudence ', and' the reasons for the criminal court's reasons Governor Jannar Bracken, who ordered the name of Jheladar Sahib, on 17 June, Abdur has commanded his translation. "

In 1791 and 1792, Nile Benjamin Edmondstone published the book "The Laws of Criminal Court" and the "Magistrate-Artistry" These are the first printed books of Bangla prose. Earlier Bengali literature was written in the verse. The introduction of this first printed prose literature is the first. This led to the creation of books and newspapers, which in the subsequent century helped to promote social reform movements like widening, widening.


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