Inflation trend

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The biggest disaster that has overwhelmed people today is the inflation. Those who are making inflation, Nehru wanted to shake off their lamp post. But after coming to power, it was seen that he had mixed his hand with them. His heirs have come out of the same policy, because the success of the party's nutrition and election depends on the favors of the traders. But do not blame the traders. Directly and indirectly the government itself is also making inflation. Directly, the government is making inflation, by imposing taxes on commodities, increasing railway masculine and valuing high commodity prices. And indirectly, due to inflation, deficit defines the ban for the implementation of the five-year plans. As a result, the value of merchandise has now stood at such a level that the value of the first half of the century's merchandise would be the story of fairytale. Nehru wanted to make the life of ordinary people happy by suppressing the price of commodity, but the price of commodity prices in the second half of the century is critical to the general life of the people.


In the last ten years, the price has doubled. It can be understood from the official 'Consumer Price Indices'. The index was 100 in 1982, and 219 in 1992. Inflation rises in the country The Mahalanabish Committee noticed this trend in the sixties and warned us about it. We did not listen to those warnings. As a result, with the inflation, richness has become enormous.

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