Success is Waiting for A Plan

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Success is Waiting for A Plan

Success is waiting for a plan. Planning is more work, than working. We spend more time planning that working the plan. Like, how are we going to use our time tomorrow? We plan it. We will be amazed what we can accomplish, when we plan our time, instead of the world’s plan, planning for us. Make sure every day, we do that one thing, like a phone call or meet with one person that is moving us towards our assignment in life that is connected to our life’s purpose. We must have our time determined by purpose. Planning is the management of the distance between our conception and our destination. Planning is the use of resources. Planning is the management of the distance of our birth and our death. Planning is giving time purpose and meaning. Planning is documented, preconceived determination of how time would be used. In other words, it helps us determine, how are we going to use our time? We are to tell time, you will be used for this. We tell it, what to do, not time telling us what to do? Planning is giving time a sense of clear purpose. Planning is regulating and managing our time and resources (time, gifts, relationships, talents, money, car, business, family and friends). How are we going to use our resources? Like the car, make sure it’s profitable. Don’t waste fuel! Planning is taking control of our future. If we don’t control our time, other people will take and control our time, like phone calls. It’s dangerous to live in a limbo, a serious country, where nothing is done. It’s dangerous to live in that land, where we don’t know what to do. Planning is to fulfill the vision and mission in our life. The best way to predict the future is to invent it. (Dr. Myles Munroe)

If you face life casually (happening by chance), then you will end up a casualty (hurt or killed). Our plan will protect us from people abusing our life. Plan gives us patience. Today, managers are abusing employees or coworkers cursing them. However, when you go to work, you know this is not your permanent address (destination). Lift your head high! We are just passing through. People who are grouchy at work is because they’ve worked for that company for so long. They’re tired of being nothing. The plan is the greatest act of faith because we believe something, and we start planning to get there. We were never commanded to live by hope, but by faith. Hope is good, but hopeful people are always broke. They say, I have hope that one day I will have a house, and no wonder they are still renting. I have hope one day I will have a business, that’s why they’re still working for a company. Remember, planning is for earth, not for heaven because it’s eternal. In Eccl. 9:10, it says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.” This is regarding the grave, we will return to, so do the plan, now.

This is in reference to Luke 14:28-33; Seminar on planning by Jesus. 1. Have a clear picture of what you want or clear image of your destiny. Get a vision. 2. First thing means the priority in life. God said, sit down! Stop and think about the plan. Don’t rush. Get quiet, get away from the noise. Get God’s ideas. 3. Estimate everything. Use your imagination and see the project. Assess it. Predict what could happen? Do an analysis of what is your strength and weaknesses? What is the cost, what’s the lost or what does it take? Analyze! What happens with the economy or the government? Go in there with your head on and your eyes open. 4. The cost. The impact and the demand from you, your family and friends, your energy, your body, your time, your vision, and intellect. 5. People will think you are crazy. Your future may not be where you were born, like the church you grew up in. 6. Make sure you have enough. Calculate. God does not want us to experiment. Make sure you calculate the cost of everything. Identify how much you need from God. Like, I need five or seven million to house the project called, “God is with us.” Have a target. How much? 7. See if you can complete it. Like Jesus, the plan caused Him to endure the pain. True vision has a heart to free people from enslave mentality, deliver them from present condition, improve their life, or help them benefit. Consider the fight of your life. Negotiate the cost, if it is not enough. Negotiation is reasoning for your advantage, it’s not compromising. Ask them in terms (have a plan) of peace. Peaceful negotiations. Delegation is sharing your visions with others you can trust. In addition, seek advice and counsel, according to Proverbs. (Dr. Myles Munroe)

Study, stay focused and brainstorm by writing it down, the possibilities and the impossibilities or the disadvantages or the advantages. We need kingdom leadership to transform our society. The only regulator of time and change is planning. Without planning, it will ruin our life. We were created to live life, not for life to live us. If you don’t have a plan, then at least get under someone who does, like Paul in Acts 27, 28, how he told the people, if you want to live, then do what I say? They landed safely on an island called “Malta,” and not one died during the storm. Enjoy your journey and success!

Reference: See, “Advancing The Kingdom of God.”

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