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Its often sad to see that some people still believe that amassing wealth can give them the kind of happiness they desire. Truth be told, some level of prosperity creates freedom (which every one craves) and the kind of life most people can only dream of. When it comes down to happiness being the main focus of all life's pursuit, most of the time it turns out to be an exercise in futility because at the end of it all, your status must have changed, but many still don't get "that happiness". Every time I feel amazed at the kind of joy and laughter shared by the set of people societies have tagged as poor who live in slums and rural areas.
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One may wonder how are they still happy irrespective of the obvious lack? for the simple reason that they do not know any other life and most of the time all around them is the same story. Sometimes i am tempted to say they are the richest, after-all is the most important thing in life not for one to be happy? i don't know, maybe some other people have their own ideas. True, some circumstances one is faced with in life can make it difficult to stay happy, but you can still choose to look on the bright side. After all said and done it boils down to A STATE OF THE MIND. setting your mind on being content and seeing every thing to be grateful for, being positive that its all about timing. lots of rich people, people one would envy, wish they could exchange their wealth for a little happiness. How ironic and sad.
Irrespective of the fact that there could be exemptions, the main point still remains, the true source of real happiness is always from within us not external and material things. Choose to be happy all the time.

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The bible in: Proverbs 17: 22 says "A cheerful heart is good medicine......" for a Christians if you study the bible you will see that God's always promises the good, and he is faithful to always come true, therefore choose to believe and Stay happy while you wait!!

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Yea ,its the state of a person's mind dat gaurantees happiness.If u have a black negative mind no matter how wealthy u r ,d negativity u ooze out prevents u from seeing d simple tins in life dat can give happiness.

sometimes its not necessarily a black mind, but maybe unmet it could actually be sadness

You just blew my mind here @t-belema Life is like our bandwidth on steemit, a matter of opportunity to transact and how we transact can bring us happiness if we find the most valuable meaning in the gift of 'bandwidth', or discontent, if we keep on missing the point and wasting our transactions on futility.

Are you doing ministry work in your church?

When you say 'ministry work', hmmm I'm kinda confused. What do you mean?

Sorry - I think I spelled it wrong.. I meant as in ministering to the poor, teaching the Gospel etc. Like a minister of religion. Because you have a keen sense of things that way. Sorry about the confusion.

My sister is like this. She did work in Cambodia for a few years and continues to do it in Cape Town.

not particularly in my church, but i do what i can when i can. we are blessed to be a blessing. and yes i do teach the gospel.;-)