What's in your cup?

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I had a very interesting conversation with a client today. As is the case, I welcomed him to a cup of coffee, tea or drinking chocolate. He insisted on a glass of warm water. We had a lengthy meeting so right past noon, I filled my cup for a second time and asked him if I could offer him the same, he insisted on a glass of warm water.

I briefly joked about his choice this second time and asked him if at all he's a health freak. To my surprise, he actually said yes, that he is very conscious about his beverages, food and anything he feeds his body. He actually told me caffeine isn't good for me if I take it on the regular. But that's what keeps me alert especially if you have a long day at work.

Imagine if you took coffee everyday three times a day. In the long run, you will be somewhat addicted to caffeine and won't be able to perform normal routine functions without it. Our habits and lifestyles more often than not if not checked will have us spending so much on drugs we can avoid if we only had the discipline to keep on the low.

It really got me thinking I should go back to no sugar policy because quite frankly, whenever I have any black beverage, I find myself adding a tea spoon of sugar, a habit that I had initially kicked out of my system. So today, even though it's none of my business, I ask you, what's in your cup?

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In my cup is two teaspoons of sugar. I love sugar. Though you right. Its good to cut back on sugar....gradually..

hey Jackdickens382, nice to see you around, comeback time.

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