Less is More.

in #life2 years ago

I recently decided to de-clutter and create space for a new office desk in my space. It started with giving away the clothing I do not wear or have an intention to wear in the next 3months. This enabled me to only have items in my room that I use often, necessities I must say. You would not believe how much stuff lies around consuming too much space. Look around, you will find some.

What this did by extension was to make sure I have enough space to get my work done, it also meant that I have enough room for a quiet meditation session, enough space to even place a yoga mat. This was inspired by watching a minimalist lifestyle video.

The more you free up and give away, the more fulfilled and productive your life becomes. By detaching yourself from unnecessary material posessions, the more you begin appreciating life, having true and meaningful conversations with those around you. The more you appreciate nature, sunshine, moonlight, stars, you have time to smell the roses.

You create time for the things that matter. I suggest you try it. Cheers Steemit Family.

Less is More.
wow thats awesome... Jill will surely love it.

Thank you! Upvote!

you're welcome.

I just started to declutter my life today. I'm sure it will be a long way but a rewarding one. And if you are honest, nowadays all the important stuffs is in the web. So why bother with anything else. :)

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