A Secret Key To Success (Ups and Downs of Life)

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Every living person has a life story to tell. There are different people in the world having different colors, different languages, different cultures but the same goal_success and joy_ is being tried to be achieved. Some people live long, happy and successful lives but some people disappear in the dust. Some people reach their destiny and some people loose their heart while fighting the hardships of life.

In this post i have made a little attempt to give some confidence some hope to those who are going to consider themselves a flop. I hope this post will prove to be a drop of water for thirsty people, and an impetus for lazy ones. It will be my great achievement and pleasure if this post succeeds in uplifting weaker ones.

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the first step towards is defining success for yourself

According to Coach John Wooden

“Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

Some people say success is living up to one's expectation. Some say that success is the fulfillment of one's wishes. In my opinion the real success is a continuous attempt to add something to the happiness of others.

Success requires maximum effort

Track runners have different levels of energy. Some loose on one third of a way, some on half a way and some cover the whole way. Similarly businessmen and students have different levels of efforts. Some loose theirs hearts in middle of the way whereas others reach their destiny because of the maximum efforts.

Confidence and belief in yourself_A Secret Key to Success

In order to better explain it, I would like to describe and example of a student and a sportsman. Both of them work hard. Both of them make an advance planning. Both of them practice all year long and make strategies. But in spite of doing so much hard work and making so many strategies, when both of them loose their hearts in the field they loose everything.

A player will have been a good player and must have done a lot of practice and homework but when he loose confidence at the ground he loose thoroughly. Similarly its my personal experience that i must have done a lot of hard work. Must have memorized everything but as soon as i feel pressure and loose confidence then i forget everything.


Belief on oneself, maximum and continuous effort, perseverance and maintaining the confidence are truly a key to success.


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