Be patient heart ...

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Be patient heart ...
When tested by falling in love with someone before marriage
Divert that love for God, pursue the love of the Creator then one day will get love from his creation
Be patient heart ...
When in the test see a married romantic couple out there
Realize, that married is not to race and rush but married is worship, life as a heaven

Be patient heart ...
When this moment is only able to love it in prayer
Because you already know love and heart must be on guard carefully, who will keep awake
Be patient heart ...
When the turmoil is longing for someone who does not meet
It is sufficient to admit Him that He sends that longing for him
Be patient heart ...
If your current prayer has not been reached, be assured that He knows what is best for you

Be patient heart ...
There will be a time when God wills, if Allah hears your prayer and makes it real
Be patient heart ...
For someone who is absolutely certain
Rest assured that the good will get good too

God will bring him to you to make you a wife and mother of children later


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