Dust And Shadows. On a break.

in life •  4 months ago

With a heavy heart I am suspending my Dust And Shadows game. For how long I do not know.

This is the third week in a row that some external force has gotten in my way and I couldn't get the post out until days after.
This week my modem went out so I can't transfer the file over very easily between my comp and my phone and then reformat it on my phone. And I had a tornado watch yesterday so I sat in a little windowless closet going are you kidding me? I don't really believe in hocus pocus but something doesn't want me to post these when I want to. And I'm pretty stubborn so they're trying pretty hard.

This kills me because I LOVE doing this game. It has a life of its own. But its not fair to the players to wait days or even one time a extra week for updates. I know some people paid to get in this season so if the suspension lasts for a long while everyone gets Steem as compensation.

With much love,
Shadowmaster Swolesome

PS: I am fine the tornado didn't touch dowm that close to me. But I could hear it. And the whole time I was aggravated at it because it was unconvincing me on posting my game haha. That's when I knew if the universe is sending tornados, I might as well do this update..


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Fortunately with gina.bot or steemworld, or one of the other notify me of mentions, (I'm sure there are more that gina and world), systems, we will all know when mother nature lets you have a reprieve. In the meantime have fun, be safe and enjoy life.

Thanks for the update, @swolesome. I guess I'll unsaddle my horse and wait for the next notification. Glad to hear that you did not get whipped away by the tornado. Stay loose and flexible and listen to your gut. Cheers!

I love your game so I will wait for you to come back and play :) Stay safe and come back when you're ready :)