Dust and Shadows 2.6 aka the midseasonbreak!

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For those of you who have stuck with the game.

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A Universal action is something that impacts all players irregardless of if they're dead or alive. I am going to sprinkle these randomly to shake up the meta. And to keep y'all on your toes.


The sky darkens as you fall to your knees. A blinding light beckons to you as you rise. A wispy figure calls to you. "You have been tethered for a purpose. To weaken the Brooks. It may take killing him multiple times.
Seek out the Wounded Badger he will guide you on your quest."

You rise up and find yourself outside a little shack covered in sand. You look and can't find the totem pole.

A man is sitting in the porch watching you. "Bout time you woke up."

You approach him slowly. He stands up and sets down his shotgun. Take a seat we have a lot to talk about the Dark seems to like you boy. Bout time you learned to like it."

You sit and listen noticing he is missing half his fingers. The Badger you mumble.

"A war is brewing. Your other half is building a gang bout time you did the same. Before he gets too strong. Because if he does..."
He broke his toothpick in half throwing one into the dirt.
"You won't get a say anymore."

He slides a small stool towards toward you a large engraved knife and an engraved bow lie on top of it.

"Choose one and it will never leave your side even after you die."

All players.


  1. The knife
  2. The bow (no arrows)

It feels like life is making it harder for me to sit and do the calculation so thanks for your patience! This is my favorite part of the week when I can plop down and knock this out.

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Is not life association, contact, communion?

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Number 1. The knife seems more useful than a bow with no arrows - unless of course I can bash them on the head with it :D


Hmm. (Much easier when I use your right name this time huh).


Hehehe yes indeed - I came when you called :P

The bow all day long

I look at 'broken pick' and then at the stool, he give no indication to me of how I should choose. I pick up the bow, it is rather long, not a short pony bow, I place it back on the stool. I then pick the knife up, I turn it over and notice a small raven engraved at the top of the blade, small and realistic looking, as if it could fly. The bow was nice, but no markings like the raven. I look back to toothpick man and choose the Knife, with a small smile. I then ponder the about his missing fingers, and the wounded badger.

Yes The Knife will do me just fine.

@swolesome, a good knife in the hand seems like the better option at the moment. I take the knife. Now let's get saddled up, and get a gang together...Cheers!

Horse flashing teeth.jpg

Ok so I'm not going to take a bow with no arrows so i will take the knife which could be for multiple things. Sorry I'm so late @swolesome