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RE: Want To Help? Donate To Free A Man From His Pain, Help Love Story End Without Pain

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Very kind of you. I will make a donation of course.
Cmon Steemers lets make a difference. We can do it!!


thank you very much @sweetjoy! You are awesome! I love your heart! :D

Ditto....remember that? Lol
Means I feel the same about you. ;)

I do... and ditto to you back ;)

Thank you so very much @sweetjoy from me and Brian. Your name really does sum you up I are so kind and sweet and caring and we appreciate your donation so very much. This whole thing just leaves us feeling so unbelievable good !!!

Please contact me on discord anytime.
My pleasure to help.

Thank you for your offer...if and when I ever need it, I'll be there ;)