The Life and Pleasure of the Village Children

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Pulo Blang Village

I Born and raised in a village spelled out far from the hustle and bustle of the city is one thing that is most I appreciated in my life. At least I feel that way when proudly saying 'Going Home' during my year-end leave with my friends in a village which I love. While my friend could not say so because he was born in a city, they just said how lucky I am and their desire to enjoy the sensation of returning home that automatically becomes refreshing from the crowd.

Going home is the main choice when having a long holiday. How come? In addition to meeting with parents and family, this is also a holiday event themed 'back to nature' which is able to replace urban air pollution with cool air and green scenery. Arriving there will also be welcomed by dozens of residents who want to just ask the news and ask about his brother who did not return home and town with me. The fraternity there has not changed since long ago.



The village I mean is "Pulo Blang". This village is not known? Yes naturally. Pulo Blang is a small village in district pidie, Aceh province. not far from sigli city, from sigli city takes 30 -40 minutes. Pulo Blang itself is a a village surrounded by rice fields, he is like an island because it is located in the middle of the surrounding is the rice fields. hence it is called the "pulo Blang" (farm island). No wonder, if we go this village who we see is the rice fields. left and right is rice fields. Even still there are the children who fun riding buffalo. It can be said that the happiness and pleasure of village children when riding buffaloes when going to the fields. His main livelihoods are growing food crops with commodities leading to Rice, Maize, Vegetables and Fruits. All Pulo Blang villagers have farmland.

rice fields

There is a saying in my village that only lazy people can not grow their own rice. Do not know right or wrong, but I mean that as a trigger just for the citizens can work hard. The rice in question may not always mean rice.


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